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Forum/Community Rules (02 Mar 2019)

This is the short and sweet version. Most of it is just common sense. We just want to ensure a safe and welcoming environment for everyone.

Prepping 1064 topics

This is where we can have various discussions on a wide variety of prepping topics. If there is a section that you feel should be included that is not present please contact us.

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by molonewolf
14 Apr 2022 00:14

Election 2020 90 topics

Posts about the 2020 US Election

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by trail
21 Jan 2021 13:18

Election 2022 No topics

Discussions about the Midterm elections

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No topics

Election 2024 2 topics

Discussions about the 2024 Election

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Re: US court rolls back key voting ...
by NWP_Preparedness
22 Nov 2023 02:09

Beans 103 topics

This is where we discuss food-related preps.

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Vegan and Celiac Preppers, I n ...
by NWP_Preparedness
17 Apr 2024 22:39

Bullets 23 topics

This is where we discuss defense and methods thereof.

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Re: Biden Assault Weapons Ban
by trail
24 Jun 2022 22:34

Band-Aids 36 topics

This is where we discuss medical related things.

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Quick Clot First aid powder in ...
by NWP_Preparedness
11 Feb 2024 03:42

Energy Production 25 topics

This is where we discuss energy production of all forms.

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Complete Solar Noob here. Woul ...
by NWP_Preparedness
19 Aug 2023 01:16

EMP Protection 26 topics

This is where I will provide information about EMP protection. Please understand the actual data is shocking. That being said, always try. Your individual conditions at the time of the event will make a huge difference.

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EMP Protection Suitable For an ...
by NWP_Preparedness
18 Aug 2022 15:59

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Re: Substitute for a Berkey
by Jackparr72
31 Jul 2022 18:49

Water 10 topics

This is where we discuss sanitation issues and techniques to overcome them.

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Sawyer Mini Lifespan.
by NWP_Preparedness
26 Dec 2023 02:56

General 511 topics

Here we can talk about everything that doesn't fit into the other common categories.

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Popping off globally. We need ...
by NWP_Preparedness
04 Mar 2024 16:01

Civil Unrest 34 topics

Discussions about Civil Unrest / Antifa / Rioting

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What's going on in Gaza is not ...
by NWP_Preparedness
24 Oct 2023 01:35

Pandemic 100 topics

Discussions about Pandemics

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New COVID Variant coming to li ...
by NWP_Preparedness
03 Mar 2024 14:46

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Re: A journey to somewhere
by Juli
18 Apr 2022 02:15

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Re: Anyone from Washington state o ...
by eddie030665
11 Sep 2022 20:16